#Blogtober Update

Hello everyone. I just thought I would let you guys know that I've given up on continuing my #Blogtober posts. I work every weekday, and when I get home I'm just too tired to work on daily posts. I do have plenty of posts that will still be going up during the fall, but they... Continue Reading →


Easy Apple Spice Cake

Hello! This is another one of my favorite recipes for fall. I've decided that I will try to post a baking recipe on Sundays. Every Sunday, my family gets together and has dinner, and I always make some kind of dessert, so I'll be sharing some of the recipes I use most often. This apple... Continue Reading →

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hello, everyone! I've decided I would try to start blogging regularly again. I figured what better way to start than sharing my most used recipe of the fall, chocolate chip cookies! I make these almost every week. October is when the temperatures finally start getting cooler and I feel the urge to bake something delicious... Continue Reading →

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