12 DoC: Day 6: Winter Skin Care Routine

8402479_fpxAs the weather gets colder, my skin gets drier. Every winter I go through the same cycle of having dry, itchy skin and spend weeks looking for moisturizing products that won’t irritate my skin. When it comes to my body, I tend to stick to the pink Dove Beauty bars and unscented Aveeno body lotion , they’re what I’ve always used and they work wonders, but if my eczema is bad, I’ll use the Aveeno Eczema Therapy lotion instead. As for my face, my skin is really weird; it’ll be nice and moisturized one day, and dry, itchy and gross feeling the next. It’s usually like that all year, but it gets 10 times worse when it’s cold outside. At the beginning of September, I started using the Clinique 3 Step System for dry to combination skin. My first impression was terrible. The cleanser itself was fine, but when I got to the second step, the liquid lotion, I was worried that I was having some sort of allergic reaction because it burned so bad. It felt like I had rubbed alcohol all over my face, but it was cold at the same time. Even though it burned and turned red for a little while, my skin felt so good afterwards. I guess I just wasn’t used to it, because I used it the next day and it wasn’t as bad, so if you try it, don’t be alarmed like I was. I’ve been using this system for almost 4 months now, and my skin has never been better. I know this is a little on the pricier side, but it’s totally worth it.

You can find the 3 step system here http://www.sephora.com/3-step-skin-care-system-for-skin-type-2-dry-to-dry-combination-skin-P383100?skuId=1538370&publisher_id=255779&sub_publisher=g&is_mobile=&sub1=&sub_keyword=&sub_campaign=378477159&sub_placement=&gdevice=c&gclid=CL2agPW-_9ACFUEcGwodfDsPWQ&site=_search&om_mmc=ppc-GG_378477159_27759162759_pla-181500391719_1538370_97594802679_9027502_c&gmodel=&country_switch=&lang=en&sub_ad=97594802679


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