12 DoC: Day 3: Christmas Traditions

I’ve always enjoyed hearing about other family’s Christmas traditions, so here are a few of the things my family does every year. Every family is unique, so are there any traditions you do differently? Do you dress formally instead of wearing pajamas on Christmas Day? Do you open presents on Christmas Eve? I would love to know!

  1. Decorations: Of my family, I’ve always been the most excited for the holidays, so every year at the beginning of Thanksgiving week, I drag our decorations out of the attic and get everything set up so that it’s ready to light up after Thanksgiving dinner.
  2. Hot Chocolate: All season long, we all gather at my grandparents house, and my grandpa makes his homemade hot chocolate. I don’t know exactly what he puts in it, he says the secret ingredient is love, and I believe him. It’s the best in the world.
  3. Christmas Movies: While we’re all drinking our hot chocolates, we cuddle up on the couch and watch our favorite Christmas movies and specials.
  4. Festive Attire: I know a lot of people love Christmas sweaters, but I get warm too easy, so I wear cheesy Christmas t-shirts instead. There’s a ton to choose from and they’re really cheap, so you can gather quite a big collection pretty quick.
  5. Christmas Eve: The whole family spends the day together watching movies and catching up, then we eat a simple dinner (sandwiches or soup) and open presents when we’re done. We open gifts on Christmas Eve so that we can spend the next day together and really enjoy the holiday.
  6. Christmas Lights: After all of the presents are opened, and thanks are given, we grab our blankets and pack into the car to drive around the city and look at the lights.
  7. Christmas Day: Everyone stays in their pajamas while we all pitch in to cook the big meal, and watch as many Christmas movies as we can while they’re still on tv.

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