Bzz Agent

So I’ve already talked about my favorite website to get samples from, be heres something a little different. BzzAgent is a company that lets you try out all kinds of new products and sends you really useful coupons. I only recently joined, but I’m really liking it so far. All you have to do is sign up and create your account, then they have you fill out some surveys (quite a few actually) which don’t take very long to finish. The first “invitation” you will get is the welcoming package, which is a booklet telling you about what to expect and a cute little magnet to hang all the coupons they send you. After that, you just keep an eye out for new surveys (they are what qualifies you to get new invitations) and your email, which is where they will notify you when you get an invitation. You should check often, because the invitations are first come first serve, and I have already missed out on two. Even though I’ve missed out, I already had another invitation that I got to in time, and it already arrived in the mail (you don’t even have to pay shipping) and I plan on using the coupons I got the next time I go grocery shopping. I’m not being sponsored to tell you about this, I just really think you will enjoy it, hopefully as much as I have.


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