Favorite Magazines


With day to day life often being so busy and hectic, it’s a good idea to slow down and read a good book or catch up on the latest issue of your favorite magazine. Recently I was sick and I chose not to use my phone like I usually do, so I caught up on my reading. My favorite magazine is Better Homes and Gardens, but I occasionally like to read the trashy gossip ones too just to see what they say. If you cant get a physical copy of a magazine, you can get most of them from the app store. If you don’t usually read these, I hope you try at least one, they’re really good.

My favorite magazines:

Better Homes and Gardens


Good Housekeeping

Southern Living


Martha Stewart Living

P.S.- Thanks for reading. I’m not sick anymore so the posts should be going back to their regular schedule. If you liked this, please be sure to click like and feel free to follow me. (:


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